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Having recently retired to part-time status after 37 years of service to the company, I am testament to its owner’s and management’s dedication to always doing the right thing, whether in safety, training, devotion to its clients, providing its staff with the best tools, or involvement in endeavors promoting the betterment of our communities and society.

Gary K. – 37 Years (Retired)

I have had a working relationship with The Schneider Corporation since 1995 through a consult services contract.  From that interaction it was apparent that Schneider was a top notch firm with high standards and excellent customer service.  Last year I was contacted about an opportunity to join the firm and was very excited about taking my skills and experience to the next level.  On August 19th, 2019 I made one of the best decisions ever to join The Schneider family and I have not been disappointed.  The people here are super and I have made some great friendships. The company has taken great care of my family with their benefit package.

Don M. – 1 year

I have been working with Schneider since I graduated from college.  Schneider has allowed me define my career path and grow as a professional, but more importantly the people I work with are like family.

Cindy C. – 24 Years

This is my first time being employed in the private sector in over 12 years, it was an extremely nerve wracking decision for me to make considering I had worked with the same people for over a decade, but the staff at Schneider Geomatics welcomed me with open arms. I was scared that the insurance and other benefits offered to me by the company would not be able to stack up to the benefits I was receiving in the public sector, boy was I wrong!! The health care, retirement, 401K matching, vision, dental and prescription cover are absolutely amazing and I am actually saving money on my insurance and other costs as opposed to being in the public sector. Schneider also take great pride in assisting employees with continuing education, certifications and licensure that enable the current employees to progress even further in their careers.

Chip C. – 1 year

I came to Schneider Geomatics after 20+ years working with the “Competition”.  Schneider Geomatics is family focused with capabilities and history (since 1962) that much larger firms would envy.  I started shortly before COVID-19 affected us, and was amazed at how the firms investment in IT allowed the team to quickly pivot to a remote working environment.  I’ve enjoyed the collaborative working environment, access to leadership/management and investment in leading  edge technologies. Couple that with great benefits and co-workers and Schneider Geomatics has all that I could hope for in a firm

Rick H. – 1 year

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