Integrated Services

The Schneider Geomatics Integrated Services (IS) Team extends our professional surveying and mapping capabilities from ground-based solutions to include a full suite of aerial mapping and inspection services that utilize Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS). The IS Team has integrated the latest SUAS platforms and sensors with our established professional practices allowing Schneider Geomatics to design innovative measurement systems that provide the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

The Schneider Geomatics IS Team includes an aviation management program created to ensure SUAS operations are conducted safely and compliant with current client and local standards as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 14 CFR Part 107 rules and regulations. Our team of FAA licensed remote pilots and professional mappers evaluate each operation to identify and mitigate risks and work with the FAA to ensure safe and permitted operations within US airspace.

Our SUAS service offerings

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Lidar Mapping
  • Aerial Photography
  • Construction Progress Assessment
  • Electric Transmission Line and Substation Assessment
  • Utility Corridor Assessment
  • Vegetation Assessment
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • GIS Data Collection
  • Emergency Response Mapping
  • Aerial Investigation Services

Benefits of using our SUAS service

Health & Safety

  • Rigorous Aviation Airspace and Safety Assessment
  • Reduces potentially dangerous work environments
  • Easier access to hazardous or remote terrain
  • Limits exposure to live circuits or hazardous materials

Faster Inspections

  • Larger areas surveyed in less time
  • Limited need for operational shutdowns
  • Reduced Field Survey Time

Improved Decision Making

  • Aerial data can detect issues not visible from the ground
  • Provides real-time data that is more accurate
  • Allows preparation for any upcoming maintenance or shutdown
  • Captures high resolution imagery at a very close range


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