Construction project tasks need to be done precisely and accurately. Anything less will derail your project and risks leaving you behind schedule and over budget. Our Construction team has decades of experience in high-accuracy projects large and small and works closely with every aspect of Schneider Geomatics. When something needs to be built, whether it’s a parking structure for a college, residential homes or all-star suites for a professional stadium, we’ve got it covered.

From 1,000 to 1,000,000 square feet

Schneider began as a company surveying residential homes and has grown to work with some of the biggest brands and largest buildings around. As a result, we have a long history of dealing with projects of varying size and sophistication. We stay at the forefront of surveying and mapping technology and are honored to have performed projects for a range of clients including homeowners, entire subdivisions, gas pipelines, and even the prestigious Purdue University.


Our Services

If you need something that isn’t on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to us about your project. We are a one-stop company that has handled every challenge thrown at us. We do it right the first time because that is the only way to do it.

  1. Mass grading
    1. Any construction project starts with a good foundation. Usually, buildings need to be built on level ground and the topography of an area rarely cooperates. We use top-of-the-line equipment and hyper-accurate measurements to make sure the ground is properly graded before the first brick is laid or cement poured. In some cases, a base with a slight slope is needed and we can absolutely handle that as well.
  2. Site Staking
    1. Site staking is the process of taking design plans and marking the physical location of where the structure will be. This essential part of the construction process ensures that the structure is built exactly where it was designed in the plan.
    2. We also do staking specifically for easements, an essential service when every square foot matters, especially when dealing with boundary lines and other strict specifications on where property rights and responsibilities lie.
  3. Road staking
    1. Road staking is a unique challenge because of the scale of the project, sometimes dozens or even hundreds of miles long.This is complicated by natural obstacles like rivers and mountains as well as man-made ones like nearby residences or existing structures.
  4. Sewers and drainage
    1. Sewer systems are typically ignored until something goes wrong. We aim to create sewage systems that no one ever notices because they work consistently. However, there are many challenges with designing a proper system such as dealing with topography and the physical makeup of the ground that needs to be excavated.
    2. Every building offers its own challenges as well, and engineers must consider things like peak usage times, maximum capacity, access and more.
  5. As-builts
    1. We perform as-builts for both drainage systems and pipelines. This is a tool we use to give our clients a complete picture of a given system as it currently stands. These are often used in the middle of a construction process as a status update and to confirm that everything is being built according to the agreed-upon plan.
  6. Machine Control Prep
    1. We use the latest technology to create accurate, usable models of your construction site. Knowing the details of a given site will let you plan accordingly, getting the right equipment and manpower for the job and minimizing waste.
    2. Precision is extremely important in these models as inaccuracies will cause a delay in construction that will ultimately cost time and money. We use several different pieces of equipment that quickly and accurately provide the information needed to advise you on the best way to proceed with a given project.


Communication, Efficiency, and Experience.

Take on your next construction project with a team that knows how to handle the challenges and red tape that can slow other companies down and inflate costs. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you can make the right decisions and do your job well. Let’s build something.